A beautifully crafted, & magically-infused, faerie steel sabre

weapon (melee)


(Pronunciation: Sint-tur-will)

Sindtorwyl is the most superbly crafted example of a sabre known to exist in Qopith. It’s origins are the stuff of legends, and it’s properties are a mystery to all but it’s one and only bearer. Sindtorwyl’s power is linked to the power of it’s chosen bearer, though since no known bearers have ever come to light, they will be discovered as the player progresses. To wield Sindtorwyl effectively, a player must have the feat Bearer of Sindtorwyl!

For the purposes of crunch, it must be noted, that weapons of this caliber are so finely made, that masterwork examples, such as Sindorwyl, and it’s brothers, have their masterwork bonus to attack, in addition to their magical weapon bonuses to attack and damage. These weapons are the only known examples of this.

Syndtorwyl’s stats (when wielded by it’s bearer) are as follows:

Weapon Specifics Attack bonus Damage Critical Range Critical Multiplier Damage Type Size Weight Notes
Sindtorwyl +1 Masterwork Faerie Steel Sabre +2 1d6+1 (Strength Modifier applies) 18 — 20 x2 Slashing Medium 21.3 oz. (1 lbs. 5.3 oz.) Partner: Yami; Neutral Good Aligned: Deals double damage to Evil aligned enemies and 50% extra damage to all Lawful or Chaotic enemies, these bonuses stack (i.e. Sindtorwyl would deal an additional 150% damage to a Chaotic Evil or Lawful Evil enemy); May only be unsheathed by the Bearer of Sindtorwyl; When unsheathed, Sindtorwyl drains 1 Hit Point from it’s bearer.

Syndtorwyl’s stats (when wielded by anyone EXEPT it’s bearer) are as follows:

Weapon Specifics Attack bonus Damage Critical Range Critical Multiplier Damage Type Size Weight Notes
Sindtorwyl Faerie Steel Sabre -1 1d6-1 20 x2 Slashing Medium 21.3 oz. (1 lbs. 5.3 oz.) Good Aligned: Deals double damage to Evil aligned enemies.

Sindtorwyl was the last weapon crafted by the Angelic mastersmith Tarisis, one of the Three Golden Smiths, a trio of Haibane brothers who spent the entirety of their lives pursuing perfection in their selected crafts during the second age. Any weapon Tarisis made as an adult could be considered a masterpiece of elegance and on par with the most exemplary of their parodies, though late in his life, he began work on what would become his magnum opus. As legend tells, roughly 50 years before the end of his life, Tarisis was rewarded by an unknown faerie king for a minute adamantine kard which had smithed and gifted to the faerie with a large quantity of the purest, most beautiful faerie steel ever smelted. It was at this point, bolstered by such a fantastical resource, Tarisis began working on the weapons for which his name is still remembered.

These weapons, pieces of utter perfection all, were to be dubbed the Six Blessed Weapons, each consuming a considerable number of years and not but the finest of tools and accent materials. At his tiny smithy, on the far western continent of Tsharah, he began with a commission for the head of the Engstraat army, a fine and upstanding Human woman by the name of Heriss. This first of the Six Blessed became known as Pirvus, a Shangshou Jian said capable of cleaving an evil man in twain with but the lightest of strokes. Sustained by this success, he went on to create five more weapons, each just as powerful, each a completely different type of weapon fully realized as a consummate paragon of good in the realm, and idolized by warriors, smiths, and merchants alike!

When the time came for Tarisis to begin crafting Sindtorwyl, a sabre commissioned by Shannon, Priest King of Vhygor, he began working the faerie steel into a virtuously curved blade. Forgoing blade engraving, he placed a deep blood groove at the back of either side of the blade, this processing alone taking nearly four years. He then turned his attentions to the intricately interwoven swept hilt, made of the same faerie steel as the blade, tang and pommel. The grip itself was carved meticulously from a single piece of specially chosen dark crimson bloodwood, and was then inlaid with tightly enmeshed filigree of platinum, white gold, and mythril resembling criss-crossing clouds and jagged interlacing lightning bolts. Yami, Sindtorwyl’s partnering sheathe was crafted from wood, inlaid all along it’s length with entwined thin mythril line patterning. After a five year process of constant refinement, fitting, and honing, Sindtorwyl was placed inside of Yami, and sent away to Shannon, a beautiful yet deadly weapon.

The true tragedy of Sindtorwyl begins when the sheathed sabre arrived in Vhygor. The Haibane messenger, knelt before the Priest King of the West, and present the glorious weapon. Purity could be felt emanating from Sindtorwyl, even sealed in it’s sheath. Shannon, beheld the wonder of the sabre, holding it up to the sunlight streaming into his palace, yet when hand was placed upon the grip, the blade could not be extricated. Quickly Shannon, tried again in vain, to pull free the wonderful blade. After many attempts, Shannon grew furious. He decided this was some sort of joke, being played at his expense, and looking the fool, he decided to take vengeance on the messenger. He ordered him crucified, and ordered Tarisis to be brought before him to answer for this foolishness. Tarisis, being an upright man, obeyed the summons, abandoning his forge to venture far to the West to Vhygor’s royal palace. Upon arriving, when brought before Shannon, the Priest King demanded an explanation… Tarisis, in his defense, could only say that Sindtorwyl was able to make it’s own decisions, and that as far as he could glean, the sabre had not chosen Shannon as it’s bearer. Enraged, Shannon ordered Tarisis to be flayed alive and then burned, and ordered the beautiful sabre destroyed.

From this point on the story of Sindtorwyl is lost, for at least 2,400 years the sword chose no bearer, and it is unclear how or when it came into the possession of the Widdison family, but when, as a child, Wyatt Widdison smoothly and easily extracted the blade from Yami, it was more than clear, that now, in this age, Sindtorwyl had chosen it’s bearer.


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