(Pronunciation: Al-say-teh)

Title: The Welcomer

Areas of Concern: Goddess of doors, teleportation, transitions, and years

Associated Domains: Community, Law, Magic, Protection

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Means of Worship: Worshipers stop, unless in danger or in battle, to say a few holy words when passing through a new door. Each morning, the majority of Alseta’s followers, pause for a few moments to get out their best cloth, and spend a minute or two in reflection while polishing the threshold nearest to them. Priest take this one step father, polishing all parts of the door, the threshold, and anything else nearby which could be considered a transition. Priests prepare spells during this meditative, repetitive state. New Years’ Eve is the largest celebration of the year for her followers, and New Years’ Day is a refractory day of silence, considered the highest of holy days every year.

Temples: Temples tend to be a huge singular doorway, with a beautifully polished threshold. Once inside Alseta’s temples tend to be spirals of smaller and smaller doors, that open up into a large chamber, at the center of which is a teleport gate. Almost every teleport gate still in existence, which functions, is within one of these temples. The exceptions to this, for the entire realm of Qopith, may be counted on one hand.

Common Depiction: She appears as a pleasant-faced woman dressed in simple gray clothing, often wearing a smiling mask on the back of her head.


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