Character Creation Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines

The Discord of Dissension is a LOW MAGIC campaign, and as such some restrictions apply. Players wishing to build a character in this campaign must follow the following guidelines, and get the permission of the GM.

Ability Scores:

We are generating ability scores using the DICE POOL method as described in the Pathfinder core rules (using 24 dice, no rereolling, and we are working on the honor system).


Players Must choose a character race from among one of the Nine Allied Races.


Players must choose a class from among the list of acceptable classes.


Skills may be chosen as usual.


Feats may come from any Pathfinder RPG or Dungeons & Dragons (Version 3.5) source, and may be homebrew feats with the GM’s permission.


Traits may come from any Pathfinder RPG source, or may be one of the GM’s homebrew traits, and each player receives two, but may not choose more than one of a given type.


Players are required to take one flaw. These flaws must come from the flaws listed in the Unearthed Arcana, or be one of the following two flaws, Corruption or Cursed Object. There is one exception, but the player who randomly received this flaw has already been made aware of it. The GM may allow a player to develop a suitably penalizing flaw, if nothing fits their idea for their character. Many, though not all, flaws allow a player one (or more) extra feats at character creation.

Hero Points:

Players start play with a single Hero Point. These points are gained and used in the typical ways except as noted below:

As characters cannot be “raised from the dead” in this campaign, a player cannot gain a Hero Point in this way.
A player may not spend a Hero Point on the Inspiration, Recall, or Special standard uses listed.


Players may choose any non-Evil alignment they would like. There are a few notes on playing True Neutral in this campaign, though.

The way True Neutral is played in the Discord of Dissension is that your character sees both axiomatic and chaotic acts as unbalancing zealotry, which should be avoided. The same is true of both good and evil acts. A player playing a True Neutral character should feel compelled to find balance in all things, and even sometimes go so far as to do an act of evil to offset the good he has been doing. View this as an opportunity for roleplay, not an excuse to act however you’d like!

Starting Gold:

A player may either choose to roll for his starting gold, dependent on the starting gold of his class, or take the average of that class. With very few exceptions, players start with no equipment which they do not buy with this gold.


A player may choose a deity from the list of the common Gods of Qopith. The only real restriction on the player’s choice is that he must choose a deity within one place on the alignment scale of his own (i.e. a Lawful Neutral player may choose from the Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, and True Neutral deities). A player may even choose an evil deity as his own, just make sure to fully comprehend both the implications of worshiping an evil god and the requirements of worshiping these gods. Once a player has chosen his deity, he may add that deity’s favored weapon to the list of those with which he is proficient.

Character Creation Guidelines

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