(Pronunciation: Tor-OGG)

Title: Father of Creation

Areas of Concern: God of the forge, protection, and strategy

Associated Domains: Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, and Protection

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Means of Worship: Worshipers create and maintain the armor and weapons of the faithful, build defenses for their settlements, and instruct militias in the use of weaponry for proper civil defense. Each morning, a follower typically rises early to stoke the coals of a temple forge and then prepares breakfast while the forge reaches a suitable temperature. After eating, the priest does a little short-term work at the forge or anvil as a morning prayer, such as smelting a few pieces of copper or lead ore or hammering a metal bar into a more useful shape; a Priest prepares spells during this meditative, repetitive state. After morning prayers, the worshiper leaves for assigned duties (which may also be at the forge or anvil).

Temples: Temples tend to be circular, built around a large central and fully-functional forge and satellite anvils used for even mundane tasks, for every act of smelting and smithing is considered a prayer to Torag. Because of the early morning noise from prayer-work, it is almost impossible to sleep
in at a temple. In outdoor settlements, the temple is usually built into the defensive wall, as this keeps the noise away from other residences and makes it easier for the priests to monitor defenses.

Common Depiction: Most art shows Torag as a stereotypical dwarf in intricate armor and carrying his warhammer Kaglemros (“forger of many weapons”).


The Discord of Dissension: The Crown of Marduk rg0